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N30 Race Results

Index of Constitution

Policy Jurisdiction
Governing Board
Executive Officers
Quorum at Annual and Special Meetings
Removals and Suspensions

1.NAME top.gif (377 bytes)

The name of this organization shall be the NEWPORT 30 ONE DESIGN ASSOCIATION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY, Hereinafter called the ASSOCIATION.

2. PURPOSE top.gif (377 bytes)

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote enjoyment of the Newport 30 yacht; to encourage boating safety, and enhanced seamanship skills through cruising, class racing under uniform rules and regulations, social and educational opportunities in the Association; and to maintain the one design status of the Newport 30 yacht

3.POLICY top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. To cooperate with other yachting organizations and, in return, to insist on the observance and compliance with the Constitution and By-laws of the ASSOCIATION.
    2. To promote and maintain the one design characteristics of Newport 30 class yachts in which racing shall be to determine the skill of the skipper and crew under uniform conditions and specifications.

4.JURISDICTION top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. The Association has jurisdiction over all Newport 30 class activities. Its Constitution, By-Laws and racing rules govern all Newport 30 class races regardless of by whom they are held, and are binding upon all members of the Association.
    2. Permission must be obtained from the Association prior to eliminating or deviating from any requirement of this document in racing a Newport 30 class yacht.
    3. All disputes between members or between the Association and other yachting organizations, regarding the interpretations of this document, shall be resolved by the Governing Board of the Association, and their decision shall be considered final.
    4. The Association shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its officers or members other than expenditures as authorized by the Commodore and Treasurer.
    5. The Association reserves the right to declare ineligible any yacht which does not conform to the spirit as well as the letter of the Constitution, By-Laws and racing rules.

5.GOVERNING BOARD top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. The governing board shall serve one (1) year, after the Annual Meeting through the next Annual Meeting, and shall consist of all executive officers and the immediate past Commodore.
    2. For the purpose of doing business a quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Officers elected.
    3. The Governing Board has the authority to enforce its decisions by suspension of individual members. The Board shall sanction or ban races and suspend members guilty of gross violation of the rules or unsportsman-like conduct. Its rulings shall be binding and final. Majority vote of the Board shall decide all issues.
    4. The Governing Board shall conduct all business, determine policy of the ASSOCIATION, and shall serve as the last court of appeal in disputes involving this document.
    5. The Governing Board shall appoint a Fleet Captain to assist the Board with their duties. The Fleet Captain shall represent the Board at meetings of the One Design Classes Association of the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay, shall provide whatever assistance is necessary in procuring trophies, and shall represent the membership to the Board by polling the membership. The overall aim of the Fleet Captain is to promote participation in ASSOCIATION activities.
    6. The Governing Board shall appoint an Information Officer to assist the Board with their duties. The Information Officer shall develop and maintain a database of Newport 30 yachts and Association members, and shall provide special reports as requested by the board. The Information Officer's responsibilities include warehousing of Association documents and historical records, distribution of newsletters and other general mailings, maintenance of the Association web site, maintain the Association bank account; and work with the Secretary/Treasurer to insure accuracy of current membership and yacht rosters.

6.EXECUTIVE OFFICERS top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. The executive officers of the ASSOCIATION and their respective duties shall be as follows:
      1. Commodore
        The Commodore is the chief executive. He shall preside at meetings, serve as chairman of the Board, rule on procedure and jurisdiction, summarize decisions for publication, appoint any special committees, authorize payment of bills with approval of the Board and arrange for nominations for the next Annual Meeting.
      2. Vice-Commodore
        The Vice-Commodore shall officiate in the absence of the Commodore. He shall arrange for the Annual Meeting, Association cruises, fleet social activities, and other duties as assigned by the Commodore.
      3. Secretary/Treasurer
        The Secretary/Treasurer's financial responsibilities include maintaining an accurate and current record of the membership, accounting for dues collection, expenses, making disbursements at the direction of the Board, developing, P&L reports, an Association budget, and an annual statement. Administrative responsibilities include all Association correspondence, record the minutes of meetings, coordinating reports from the other officers, and publishing the Association newsletter. He shall notify the membership of special events, cruises, decisions affecting policy, banned races, suspended members, and ineligible Newport 30 yachts. He shall also endeavor to arrange favorable publicity for the Association.
      4. Measurers
        The Measurer must be an active racing member and shall be the custodian of the Official Plans for the racing fleet. He shall grant or reject all measurement certificates for the racing fleet and issue duplicates. He shall interpret the rules and regulations of the racing fleet concerning construction, sail plan, rigging and equipment, and shall make rulings on matters not specifically covered in the official Plans and/or specifications. Such rulings shall be subject to Board approval. The Measurer shall not approve changes in construction, plans, sail plans or rigging. The Measurer shall enforce the correctness.

    B. The Executive officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association from the membership and shall serve for one year from one Annual Meeting through the next Annual Meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

7.MEETINGS top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. The Annual Meeting of the ASSOCIATION shall be held during the period from the last Y.R.A. Season Championship race and the first week of December, usually sometime in November.
    2. Special meetings, by order of the Governing Board or upon demand of at least five (5) members, in writing, must be held. The time and place of the meetings shall be fixed by the governing Board.


Twenty-five percent of the voting membership in good standing at the roll call constitutes a quorum for the entirety of the meeting.

9.VOTING top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. Each skipper, or his designated representative, for each Newport 30 yacht enrolled which has been properly recorded with the ASSOCIATION as an active member in good standing shall be entitled to cast one vote.
    2. Members and their immediate family may be heard, but only one may vote.
    3. A majority vote shall decide all questions not otherwise stipulated, and the Presiding Officer shall cast the one deciding vote in the case of a tie, and may also fix a time limit on speakers and on the debate of motions.

10.REMOVALS AND SUSPENSIONS top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. Any member may be expelled from the ASSOCIATION by a three-quarters vote at any Annual Meeting.
    2. Any member may be suspended by a majority vote at any meeting of the ASSOCIATION.
    3. Any Officer of the Governing Board may be removed by a three-quarters vote of the voting members. Provisions for replacing that Officer must be made at the meeting in which he is removed.

11.AMENDMENTS top.gif (377 bytes)

    1. The Constitution may never be suspended, but may be amended at any meeting by a majority vote.
    2. The By-Laws and racing rules of the Racing Fleet may never be suspended, but may be amended at any meeting by a majority vote of racing fleet members.
    3. Proposed amendments to the Constitution, By-Laws and racing rules should be submitted to the Governing Board by thirty (30) days before any general meeting so as to allow sufficient time for notification of the general membership prior to the meeting.
    4. The Governing Board shall have the authority to simplify, clarify or correct the language of any Article or proposed amendment, if the intent or purpose remains the same.
12. MEMBERSHIP top.gif (377 bytes)
  1. Members who are delinquent in ASSOCIATION dues shall be ineligible and disqualified from racing until the dues are paid.
  2. When a member, in good standing, ceases to be a Newport 30 Class yacht owner, his membership status shall be changed to that of an "Associate Member" with dues considered paid for an additional year.
  3. Membership Classification
    bulletRegular Member: A sole owner of a properly certified and registered Newport 30 Class yacht. He has the privileges of voting and holding office.
    bulletSyndicate Member: A part owner of a properly certified and registered Newport 30 Class yacht. Only one vote is allowed per registered yacht. Syndicate members shall be considered eligible to race, including the Association Championship Regatta. Only two syndicate members from the same syndicate may be on the Governing Board.
    bulletAssociate Member: An "Associate Member" is anyone who has paid the "Associate Membership" dues and is, therefore, entitled to all mailings of the Association.
    bulletRacing Fleet Member: A "Regular Member" or a "Syndicate Member" whose Newport 30 Class yacht has been measured for a particular racing fleet. Racing Fleet members are the only members allowed to amend the By-Laws of their Fleet.
  4. To be eligible for the Association Championship Regatta, the Newport 30 Class yacht skipper/helmsman must be a bonafide member in good standing of a racing fleet of the Association.
  5. The ASSOCIATION dues shall be fixed by the Governing Board and must be paid before any member may be considered in good standing. Paying of dues, on or before the required date shall be the sole responsibility of each individual member. The Secretary shall collect ASSOCIATION dues and the checks should be made out to the "Newport 30 Association".

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